Inflight catering

Key products that make a difference


view of a airplane wing in the sky

From the very beginning, our goal has been to create the world´s best dishwashing solutions without compromisingon ergonomics or reliability. Our key products are service-friendly and easily accessed for cleaning, helping to prevent unnecessary downtime.

They are also developed to meet the various demands of operators, service technicians and other staff working in a large flight catering kitchen. The many unique features within these machines optimize hygiene, save on both water and energy consumption and improve the working environment, every day, all year long.


Example of a module for washing up to 30 000 trays per day

illustration of washing solution for inflight catering large amount of trays


Ware washing solutions

The Swedish companies Wexiödisk and Diskomat combine superior product know-how with the perfect logistic solution. The successful co-operation is based on many years of experience in both flight catering and the hospital sector: two demanding applications from a hygiene point of view.

illustration of washing solution for inflight catering

The key products

Different flight type machines, tray washers, tray conveyors, cart lifts and trolley washers make the cleaning easy and efficient. The machines are environmentally friendly which results in low running costs still with high performance and a good washing result.

All our installations are customized to provide the best logistic solution.


  • High quality - All production in located in Scandinavia

  • Saves time - Max efficiency with smarter logistics'

  • Always clean - Outstanding washing result without compromising

  • Heavy duty - Products designed for tough working environment

  • Fast service - Less downtime, smart service solutions

  • Reliability - Know-how of the air catering industry since many years