RE-TURN washing and drying system for reusable plastic items

RE-TURN washing and drying system

To reduce the environmental impact, the development of advanced systems for cleaning and drying reusable plastic items has become crucial. Wexiödisk’s RE-TURN system is specifically designed for washing and drying reusable plastic items such as plates, glasses, cutlery, and food containers. All in an effort to reduce the demand for single-use plastics.

The RE-TURN system, like other Wexiödisk products, is designed in stainless steel to ensure durability and quality and promote a circular economy.

The cycle time takes between 60 to 90 seconds. While one basket is washed a second one is being dried. This means that one cleaned and dried basket will be available every 60 to 90 second.

For reusable plastic items

In total, this system measures 3300 mm, but with different lengths and place ments of the conveyor belts, RE-TURN can also be adapted for corner

Specially designed dishwashing basket

The dishwashing basket is specially designed with a smooth grid cover to secure plastic items during washing and drying.

Recommended machines for RE-TURN washing and drying system for reusable plastic items

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