Inflight catering

The Swedish companies Wexiödisk and Diskomat combine superior product expertise with tailored logistics solutions for dishwashing operations.

The successful cooperation is based on many years of experience in both inflight and hospital catering, two industries with strict demands for efficiency, cleanliness, hygiene, and food safety.

What to expect

Over the past five decades, Wexiödisk´s and Diskomat´s primary objective has been to develop professional dishwashing solutions based on each kitchen´s individual requirements, without compromising on ergonomics and reliability. 

In short, Diskomat and Wexiödisk provide a one-stopshop with turnkey, scalable, sustainable, and innovative solutions for the entire dishwashing and waste handling operation.


Customisation is our standard

Each flight kitchen has its unique requirements and that’s why we provide tailormade warewash installations to meet the specific needs. This could be current and projected capacity, type of goods for washing, operating hours, level of automation and so on. Integrated systems with dishwashers, conveyors, cart washer, cart lifters and specialized trolleys are unique customer benefits that we offer. 


– We refer to this as eco-design 

For many years now, our approach has been to prioritize quality and sustainability while keeping the environment in mind. We also prioritize ergonomics and provide a good working environment. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to a circular economy, where sustainable development takes center stage. To achieve this, we carefully choose each component and develop high-quality products that can prolong a product’s life cycle and conserve natural resources. Every new dishwasher that we develop should be more resource-efficient than its predecessor.

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