Technical data

technical data for ppe washer x2
Washing pump (kW) 2x2.35
Booster heater (kW) 12
Booster heater (machine with cold water connection) (kW)* 2x12
Tank heater (kW) 9
Booster pump (kW) 0.67
Drain pump (kW)* 0.17
Tank volume (liter) 120
Weight, machine in operation (kg) 480
Enclosure class (IP) 55
* Option
Capacity and operating data
Total washing time P1 (min) * 1.2
Total washing time P2 (min) * 3.2
Total washing time P3 (min) * 5.2
Number of breathing packages / wash cycle 2
Water consumption rinsing/programme (liter) ** 6 - 8
Noise level (dB(A))*** 67
* Factory setting. The washing time can be adjusted
** Applies under ideal conditions. The water consumption depends on local conditions. Fine adjustments can be made during installation
*** Measured 1 metre from the side of the machine
Connection, machine
Water quality, hardness (°dH) 2 - 7
Water connection 5-70°C (external thread) R ½"
Drain connection, PP pipe (ø mm.) 50
Water capacity, pressure (kPa) 20
Water capacity, flow (litres/min) 5
Steam connection (150-250 kPa) (internal thread) * R ¾"
Condensation water (internal thread) * R ½"
Floor drain, capacity (litres/sec) 3
Heat load to the room (total, sensible, latent) (kW) 4.9/3.6/1.3
* Option
Water, drain and ventilation connections
Total connected power (kW) 16.7
Main fuse 400-415V 3N~ (A) * 35/50***
Max. connection area 400-415V 3N~ (L1-L3,N,PE) Cu (mm2 ) ** 16
* Other voltage on request.
** Cable 3 m H07RN-F is included.
Size and weight for transportation
Size, LxWxH (mm.)* 1240x870x2000
Weight (kg)* 355
* Packaging included