Växjö, Sweden

For healthier firefighters

Linus Havtorp, firefighter at Värends emergency service in Växjö, Sweden, was one of the initiators when developing a machine for cleaning the firefighters’ security equipment.

“When a colleague of ours past away in cancer we started to think about how we handled equipment that had been contaminated with fire smoke. When starting to think about it, it became obvious that smoke from a fire contains lots of particles that can be more or less dangerous to your health,” says Linus.

Clothes, boots and similar equipment were washed regularly but when it came to the breathing apparatus only the facemasks were cleaned. Air cylinders, backplate, air regulators, breathing ventilators etc. weren’t cleaned at all.

“It struck me that Wexiödisk, which has its head office here in Växjö, develops dishwashers that can handle rather large goods. We contacted them and they showed a lot of interest right from the start. It seemed to be a challenge that suited them well. We brought our equipment to Wexiödisk’s engineering workshop and they made a lot of tests and fine-tuning to make the machine as effective as possible,” Linus explains.

Personal Protection Equipment

After that it didn’t take long before a PPE WASHER X2 had found its place at the fire station in Växjö. In the stand, which holds the equipment of two firefighters at a time, everything can be securely arranged to stand steady. In the machine the equipment is rinsed from above as well as from below to make sure that all particles from smoke and fire vanish. The simplifying rolling hoop, which the stand is placed on, makes it easy to get the equipment in and out of the machine.

“We’ve had the machine for about two years now. Our security equipment is always clean when we put it on and the work environment at the fire station is completely different to what we were used to. Before the smell of smoke could be spread throughout the whole building, but not anymore. And that’s a fantastic feeling! Especially considering the fact that we weren’t sure what it was that we inhaled day in and day out, or how dangerous it was to our health,“ Linus concludes.

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