unique functions

  • Adjustable washing pressure
  • Automatic hood lift
  • Water change alarm
  • Hinged screen
  • Dual function: rough/fine cleaning
  • 3 washing programs
  • Washing time adjustable between approx. 1-5 mins

PPE Washer X2

The PPE WASHER X2 is a flexible combi washing machine with a dual function that both washes complete fire-fighting packs direct from the field and fine cleans dismantled equipment and other PPE items with perfect results. The machine has a robust design, and all components included are of the highest quality. A versatile machine with good operating economy and a long useful life.



Heavy duty cleaning: The X2 has a specially constructed basket that handles two complete sets of equipment in each washing cycle. This, combined with dual pumps and rinsing systems, produce excellent washing results. The system can be supplemented with conveyor belts, which reduces lifting and increases capacity significantly, while at the same time they can be easily split into compartments for contaminated and clean items.

Normal cleaning: The X2 has an extra large washing volume of no less than 1,158 x 565 x 600 mm, which gives the machine unbeatable washing capacity for cleaning complete masks, parts and other PPE items.